Tenth anniversary

Forever committed to youth 

Our young people have a great responsibility. The world is changing at breakneck speed, and life is becoming increasingly uncertain. Big changes in all areas of our society are transforming the way we work, study and live. The new generations must be capable of facing huge challenges, in the present and the future: our society’s changing values, technology that drives the planet, training for new, unknown professions, information overload and a more complex and globalised world. 

The Princess of GironaFoundationwas created in 2009 with the aim of offering young people the tools they need to face these challenges. Together with some of Spain’s leading organisations, here at the Foundation we are working to help the new generations build a better future for themselves and for the society they live in.

The different programmes the Foundation has been promoting over the past ten years all seek to provide our country’s youth with tools, knowledge, meeting places and opportunities. TheFPdGi Award winnersand the community they form today —made up of over 50 outstanding young people from different disciplines and specialisations— help the Foundation in its efforts to increaseyoung people’ssocial presence and act as role models for their peers. In addition, educationas a driver of change, social transformation and the construction of critical thinking among our young people, together with improving youth employability, are two of the Foundation’s main concerns.

Thanks to the experience and know-howof our Board of Trustees, our professional developmentprogrammes have helped our young participants tackle the problem of finding employment and joining the labour market. At the same time, the Princess of Girona Foundation is a space for meeting and dialogue between the social leadership represented by the Board’s organisations and the young people who are involved in our programmes and activities. This is precisely the common denominator that links all the activities we are organising for the celebration and which culminate in the two-day event being held in Barcelona at the beginning of November, presided over by TheirMajesties the King and Queen of Spainand in the presence of Their Royal Highnesses the Princess of Asturias and of Girona and Infanta Sofía.

This 4 and 5 November, young talent will come together in Barcelona!


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