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Over 1,000 managers will take part in the 3rd CEDE Meeting

The Prince of Asturias and of Girona, Felipe de Borbón, will chair the event, which is organized jointly by PGF and CEDE


Girona, 29 November 2010.- On the coming Tuesday, 30 November, the 3rd CEDE Managers Meeting will be bringing together over one thousand managers from all over Spain at the Girona Auditorium and Conference Center. Organized jointly by the Spanish Confederation of Managers and Executives (CEDE) and the Prince of Girona Foundation (PGF), this event is the principal meeting point of the over 94,000 managers and executives who currently belong to CEDE. Isidre Fainé is the Confederation’s president. 

The 3rd CEDE Managers Meeting has the active cooperation of diverse institutions and business organizations, notably including the institutional backing of the Department of Economy and Finance of the Government of Catalonia and the Girona City Council, as well as the support of the convening entities: Girona Chamber of Commerce, Palamós Chamber of Commerce, Sant Feliu de Guíxols Chamber of Commerce, FOEG, Fòrum Carlemany, Pimec, APD, Tribuna de Girona and the University of Girona (UdG).

With the theme “Managing and Opening Up to the World”, the Meeting will bring together prominent figures of the Spanish and worldwide economic, business and institutional spheres, who will discuss the role of managers in today’s economic context both at Spanish and global level. The speakers will reflect on some of the topics of greatest current economic interest such as the commitment to internationalization, the promotion of enterprising attitudes and the economic and social leadership of managers with a view to the year 2020.

A comprehensive range of speakers

The list of speakers at the Meeting is formed by outstanding figures in the field of business management together with experts and political officials, who will be offering the people in attendance an overall analysis of the current situation and present their outlooks for the future. The Meeting’s panel of experts and institutional figures will include Javier Solana, Jordi Pujol, Lluís Cantarell, Rosa María García, Regino Moranchel, José Montilla, Anna Pagans, Luis Conde, Carlos Colomer, Javier Pérez Dolset and Antoni Esteve, among others.

You can follow the developments at the 3rd CEDE Managers Meeting at the website:


The Organizers

CEDE - www.directivoscede.com

The Spanish Confederation of Managers and Executives (CEDE) is the organization representing managers in the Spanish social and economic sphere and it now has a membership of over 94,000 professionals. From the time of its founding in 1997, CEDE has grown constantly through intense activity, thanks to the coordinated efforts of the 43 manager associations that form it.

Indeed, from its beginnings CEDE has carried out numerous activities and projects in connection with the managerial world, including the organization of Manager Conferences and Meetings like the one just held in Girona, as well as the CEDE Breakfasts, which are held monthly with the participation of prominent figures of the country’s economic, political and business life as guest speakers.

Prince of Girona Foundation - http://ca.fundacioprincepdegirona.org/

The Prince of Girona Foundation was founded on 26 June 2009 as the Royal Household’s response to the initiative of the Girona Chamber of Commerce, Caixa Girona, the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation and “la Caixa” to organize a foundation primarily addressed to promoting the education and training of young people and to dealing with social problems.

Within the frame of its endeavours to provide support and training to young people and to attend to the social issues arising in our area, the Foundation works in four areas of activity: social affairs and cooperation, culture and sports, science and academics, and business.

Technical data

Website of the Meeting:

Date of the Meeting:
30 November
Girona Auditorium and Conference Center (Pg. de la Devesa, 35)

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