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FiraFòrum Meeting of Entrepreneurs

To mark the 50th celebration of the Girona Trade Fair, the Fair this year is organising the I Meeting of Entrepreneurs, from 28 October to 1 November 2011.


The Prince of Girona Foundation will be present at the fair with a stand and the organisation of a round table for young entrepreneurs, most of whom are associated with the IMPULSA Forum. The participants, chaired by the journalist Albert Brosa, from Olot, will debate future keys for encouraging our country's entrepreneurial spirit. The debate will thus be based on the White Book of Entrepreneurial Initiative in Spain, produced by ESADE for the Foundation.

The participants at the round table will be Marc Capilla, winner of the YUZZ 2011 award from the Banesto Foundation; Romain Quidant, researcher and winner of the 2011 IMPULSA Scientific and Academic Prize; Borja Bagunyà, writer and winner of the 2011 Prize in Sports and Culture; and Jiajia Wang Liu, speaker at IMPULSA Forum 2011.

The round table is entitled "Entrepreneurial drive" and will take place at half past five in the afternoon on Friday 28 October.

Registration is free and may be submitted until 26 October on the following link: registration form

FiraFòrum Exhibition of Entrepreneurs is a site for exchanging experiences and knowledge and establishing partnerships among entrepreneurs, obtaining information and guidance for the creation of projects, and learning about grants schemes for business projects.

Consult the complete programme of the FiraFòrum Exhibition of Entrepreneurs atprogramme

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