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PGiF Entrepreneurial Education Workshops

The PGiF Entrepreneurial Education Workshops , held on 25 and 26 January, 2012 in Girona


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The White Paper on Entrepreneurship in Spain, which was presented by the Foundation last November, in its findings states that one of the key aspects for encouraging entrepreneurship in Spain is the education of our children and young people.

In Spain, numerous programmes of different kinds are being run and addressed to different age groups. Many education departments are also launching entrepreneurial education programmes in their region's centres of education. Three acclaimed experts, José Antonio Marina, Luisa Alemany and José Manuel Pérez (Pericles), have assumed the scientific coordination of this work session, which has involved the most thorough possible identification of all the programmes, headed by different institutions, that are currently being run in centres of education at primary school, high school and vocational training levels.

Over 88 experts from all over Spain, both from foundations, associations and centres of education and from the public administrations of different autonomous communities, took part at the work session, the aim of which is to analyse all activity currently in progress in order to map out an educational pathway and thus define the values and tools that must be developed in children and young people in accordance with their level of maturity.

The PGiF expects to make the conclusions of the conference available to anyone interested as soon as they have been drawn up.

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