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Marc Capilla, outright winner for Spain of the 2011 Yuzz Program

The winner of the 2001 Yuzz Program for Girona, Marc Capilla, with the Ecofriend project, has been named the best Spanish entrepreneur of the 2011 Yuzz program


A total of 17 projects were entered for the prize. The jury of the 2011 Yuzz Award evaluated initiatives on the basis of criteria such as technology and innovation, creativity, growth potential and the feasibility of the business idea. 

Ecofriend is a new mechanism, for both domestic and professional use, with which users can take intelligent and environmentally sustainable care of plants using a cutting-edge technological system that indicates plant environment status. The most significant benefits of the new system are that it provides for savings in water and in maintenance, thereby allowing for automatic management of irrigation and of fertilizer.

Last October, Marc Capilla, 26, took part in a round table on young entrepreneurship organized by the Prince of Girona Foundation (PGiF) as part of the 50th anniversary of the Girona Trade Fair.

 From this year onwards, the PGiF, the AENTEG (Girona Association of New Technology Companies) and Girona City Council are jointly organizing the Banesto Foundation’s Yuzz Awards in the Girona region. Girona Chamber of Commerce, Gironès County Council, the University of Girona Science and Technology Park and CINC (International Business Center of Catalonia) are also involved in the project.


 Further information on the Yuzz Awards is available at www.yuzz.org

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