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Presentation of the Project 'School Cooperatives' business plans

The PGiF is promoting this entrepreneurial education programme


More than a hundred students from eight secondary schools in the Girona counties have participated in this initiative of the Empresa Joven Europea (EJE) project run by the Valnalón consortium (Asturias), which consists of encouraging pupils aged between 15 and 16 years old to create and manage mini-businesses by forming student-run cooperatives. The aim of the experience is to stimulate the students' imaginations when creating businesses and to help them acquire basic entrepreneurial competences.

The students had to present their business plans to a jury formed of four young business leaders from the Girona counties who evaluated the projects and presented the participants with their diplomas.

The Valnalón consortium's EJE project in the Girona counties has been supported by the collaboration of the Prince of Girona Foundation, Girona Chamber of Commerce and Catalonia's Department of Education.

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