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The FPdGi presents the report “Learn to be an entrepreneur”

The report will be presented on the morning of 20 February in Madrid and in the afternoon of the same day in Girona


On Wednesday, 20 February, the Prince of Girona Foundation (FPdGi) will present the report Learn to be an entrepreneur, published by the Planeta Group, a trustee of the FPdGi. The team of experts who produced the report, formed of Carmen Pellicer, Beatriz Álvarez and Juan Luis Torrejón under the scientific direction of Luisa Alemany (ESADE), José Antonio Marina (Universidad de Padres/Parenting University) and José Manuel Pérez Díaz-Pericles (former Manager of Valnalón) will be participating in the event.

The presentation will be held at 10:30h in the Auditorium on the -2 floor of the CaixaForum Madrid and at 18:00h in the Narcís Monturiol Auditorium of the Science and Technology Park at the University of Girona.

The report will be distributed to 30,000 Spanish education centres with the aim of raising awareness, promoting and guiding entrepreneurial education as a key aspect for young people’s futures. Invitations to the event may be requested from secretaria@fpdgi.org and press passes from press@fpdgi.org.

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