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  • The Prince of Girona Foundation presented the report “Learn to be an entrepreneur”


The Prince of Girona Foundation presented the report “Learn to be an entrepreneur”

With the aim of raising awareness, promoting and guiding entrepreneurial education as a key aspect for young people’s futures, the report will be distributed to 30,000 education centres and forms the basis of the “Teaching entrepreneurial talent” project.


The Prince of Girona Foundation (FPdGi) presented the report “Learn to be an entrepreneur”, published by Grupo Planeta, FPdGi's Board of Trustees member, and written by Carmen Pellicer, Beatriz Álvarez and Juan Luis Torrejón under the scientific direction of Luisa Alemany (ESADE), José Antonio Marina (Universidad de Padres/Parenting University) and José Manuel Pérez Díaz-Pericles (former Manager of Valnalón).

Learn to be an entrepreneur is designed to be a pioneering tool and guide for teachers and educators actively participating in entrepreneurial talent programmes during compulsory education and vocational training. The report will be distributed to 30,000 Spanish education centres and forms the basis of the “Teaching entrepreneurial talent” project to train specialists in entrepreneurial education. Indirectly, the report also serves as a useful tool for the leaders of institutions and public administrations that have designed or launched their own entrepreneurial programmes or proposals.

Through successful experiences in very different educational contexts, a communication and support network for educators has been built which has enabled the pedagogical and didactic impact of these experiences to be identified. In this regard, the report establishes criteria for the creation of new programmes and offers a wide range of assessment tools that guarantee the rigour and effectiveness of all the initiatives run in education centres.

The report is divided into three sections. The first presents the work and analyses the social, economic and educational context in which it was carried out. The second section focuses on the conclusions of the first Entrepreneurial Initiative Conferences held in January 2012 in Girona, during which 88 experts from all over Spain analysed the various entrepreneurial educational programmes being run in Spanish education centres. The appendix to the report lists the experiences studied during the conferences in Girona along with all the necessary details to put them in context and gain further information. The third and final section of the report discusses the keys to evaluating entrepreneurial programmes and suggests designs for a programme model that could be used in any school wanting to initiate a similar project. The report makes 30 specific recommendations to make any programme designed to foster entrepreneurship more effective.

The “Teaching entrepreneurial talent” project

During the presentation to representatives from the education sector, the FPdGi announced that the report Learn to be an entrepreneur will form the basis of the “Teaching entrepreneurial talent” project, which is being promoted by the FPdGi and is due to begin in April 2013. The project will train specialists in entrepreneurial education in one hundred education centres in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Seville and Valencia so that they can then lead projects in schools. Furthermore, a system will be set up to evaluate and assist the projects that are carried out. The results of the project will be presented and compared with other initiatives at the second Entrepreneurial Initiative Conferences, to be held at the beginning of 2014.


You can view the appendix with the 30 recommendations of the 'Learn to be an entrepreneur' report at the following link: Appendix

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