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  • 'Collaboration in action fosters growth’, will be the central theme of IMPULSA 2013


'Collaboration in action fosters growth’, will be the central theme of IMPULSA 2013

The IMPULSA Forum aims to become the catalyst for a positive impact on young people in this fourth edition . The event will be held on 26 and 27 June at the Girona Conference Centre, with a new format


The IMPULSA Forum aims to take a step forward in this fourth edition and become the catalyst for a positive impact on young people. IMPULSA is working to continue strengthening young people’s entrepreneurial initiative and build a generation of restless young people with values, attitudes, capacities and projects and a desire to make the world a better place. This new edition has been designed around networking activity that generates movement in which different agents collaborate to generate ideas, identify opportunities, locate resources and encourage attitudes that promote new growth. The Forum will be held on 26 and 27 June at the Girona Auditorium and Conference Centre and at Fira de Girona, and is expected to host more than 1,400 guests, half of whom are under the age of 35. Those attending will be able to interact with each other and enjoy the active involvement of their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Asturias and of Girona.

The IMPULSA Forum is a process launched in 2010 by the Prince of Girona Foundation to discover and propose the educational, technological, economic, political and social conditions required to turn thousands of restless young people into creators of progress through initiatives in all fields.

'Collaboration in action fosters growth’ will be the central theme of IMPULSA 2013, which aims to help young people generate ideas, identify opportunities, locate resources and share attitudes to promote their own projects and become changemakers not only for themselves, but also for society as a whole. “If we want to create an impact and new social and economic progress, we need to bring together good ideas and resources –not only financial, but also educational and training resources, etc.– and encourage proactive attitudes and real commitment”, said Josep Lagares, IMPULSA Forum President.

IMPULSA’s new format

In this fourth edition, the IMPULSA Forum will for the first time be held over a two-day period. The President of IMPULSA explained that the new format “is designed to give greater importance and prominence to the awards presented by the Foundation” and he highlighted that “this new format also allows us more time and a chance to introduce innovative activities that encourage those attending to interact”.

The first day of the event, Wednesday 26 June, is dedicated to the Prince of Girona Foundation Awards, which will be presented at a ceremony in the Girona Auditorium from 7 p.m.

Ideas, resources and attitudes

IMPULSA 2013, which will be held on Thursday 27 June, focuses on three main themes –ideas, resources and attitudes– which form the backbone of the talks given by global experts and the presentations of projects that are changing the world, some of them led by young people.

Parallel activities

The Executive Manager of the IMPULSA Forum, Salvador Maneu, explained that “in the run-up to IMPULSA 2013,different activities have been organised with the aim of fostering entrepreneurial initiative in all its dimensions, creativity, education and solidarity. All the activities are being run jointly with other institutions.”

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More innovative formats

It has also said that “IMPULSA 2013 will launch new proposals for parallel activities with very innovative formats designed to help showcase initiatives led by young people and to promote spaces for interaction between juniors and seniors.”

The first proposal is Close Encounters, which will take place on Wednesday 26 and is aimed at the young attendees of IMPULSA who will have the opportunity to be chosen to interact with the guest speakers and award winners from the different editions of the Forum, as well as with members of the Prince of Girona Foundation Advisory Council.

The IMPULSA Forum will also host the PROJECTARIUM space, which aims to provide visibility for innovative and ground-breaking projects led by and addressed to young people which generate new progress and provide solutions to real problems. Projectarium is designed to connect and encourage alliances between different initiatives and resources that pursue the common goal of generating social, cultural, scientific and economic values that benefit young people and society in general. The Prince of Girona Foundation is currently accepting applications from young people who would like to take part in Projectarium. The deadline for submitting applications is 12 May.

Just as in the previous edition, IMPULSA 2013 will be offering an online networking platform to facilitate interaction between those attending, either through virtual or face-to-face contact. The platform will be open from the end of May.

Registration for the IMPULSA Forum is open for both junior and senior attendees. In both cases, people wishing to attend should complete the online registration form available on the Forum website (www.forumimpulsa.org).

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