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  • The FPdGi approves its Action Plan for 2015

The FPdGi approves its Action Plan for 2015

Change of name to the Princess of Girona Foundation is ratified


The Board of the Princess of Girona Foundation held its annual general meeting today at the Royal Palace in Madrid, which was presided over by Their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain. During the meeting the Foundation’s Action Plan for 2015 was approved by the Board of Trustees. The FPdGi, whose objective is to support young people in all aspects that are critical to their futures, will continue working to foster young people’s entrepreneurial spirit, improve their employability and access to the labour market, promote academic success and develop talent and vocations.

The new Action Plan, which has the same budget of two million Euros as in 2014 raised entirely through donations from its trustees, has the principal goal of consolidating the Foundation’s own projects and increasing the presence of its actions throughout Spain.

Among the agreements worth highlighting is the commitment to promote the “Educating Entrepreneurial Talent” programme, which trains educators to teach their students about entrepreneurship, using an innovative methodology and advanced tools. After two very successful years, with the participation of close to 500 educators, the aim is to take a qualitative and quantitative leap in order to make a significant impact on the educational system by gradually introducing entrepreneurial competences into the academic curriculum, from primary school right through to sixth form and vocational training.

With regard to the sixth edition of the IMPULSA Forum, which will be held in Girona on 25 and 26 June, this event aspires to become an even greater meeting and networking point for restless young people and entrepreneurs from all over Spain, and is increasingly focusing its format on encouraging the exchange of ideas and experiences.

The sixth edition of the Princess of Girona Foundation Awards, whose award ceremony takes place on 25 June 2015, will maintain the five categories from previous years ‒arts and literature, business, scientific research, social and organisation ‒, which are designed to recognise the careers of young people between 16 and 35 years old who have shown outstanding entrepreneurial capacity in innovative projects. The prize money presented with each award is €10,000 per category. During today’s meeting, the Board also approved the territorial continuity and expansion of projects such as Being an Entrepreneur is Possible, by boosting the collaborative part of the platform; Mentoring Talent, by expanding the area of action; and Pygmalion.

The Board also formally endorsed the organisation’s change of name to the Princess of Girona Foundation. His Majesty the King reaffirmed his intention to continue working with the Foundation with the same level of commitment and involvement he has maintained since it was set up.

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