Marc Bonavia, 2011 Business Award

FPdGi Award in the business area, as an example of entrepreneurial initiative

Marc Bonavia (1976, Alella) has a degree in Pharmacy. When he was just 24 years old, he undertook his most ambitious business project. As an active communicator and a creative and innovative businessman, he is the co-founder of SITmobile, a company that is internationally acknowledged for its mobile servicesA bold entrepreneur whose record includes some youthful business projects that did not come to prosper, Marc Bonavia has fearlessly faced up to the challenge of internationalizing his highly successful company, adapting quickly to changes in user habits and to advances in communication technology.  

SITmobile is a mobility solutions and access provider (SMS, mobile telephone applications, Mobile Internet and social networks), and a leader in corporate and marketing messages.

The company founded by Bonavia has its headquarters in Barcelona and local offices in a large number of places including London, Bahrain, Medellín, Santiago de Chile, São Paulo and Salvador (Bahia). In this year of 2011, he envisages a 50 per cent growth rate and has set the goal of opening between 8 and 12 new business offices to strengthen his presence in Spanish-speaking countries and Eastern Europe. At present he provides mobile services to more than 50 countries and SMS services to over 120.

SITmobile's strategy is to become the technological partner of customers who do not have the time or resources to develop their own mobile technology or who simply prefer to use tested technology with assured results.

Marc Bonavia stands out not only for his business career: he devotes himself actively to the Independent Association of Young Businessmen of Catalonia (AIJEC) and is directly involved in this organization as its President, providing support actions to young entrepreneurs, channeling their projects, and creating a collective awareness in the country favorable to entrepreneurial initiative among young people.

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