Pau Garcia-Milà, 2010 FPdGi Business Award

FPdGi Business Award, for the creation of the company EyeOs

EyeOS is a multi-platform virtual desktop, free and open, based on the style of an operating system desktop. It is an innovative concept in virtual storage, which is considered revolutionary for being a key service for the Web 2.0.

The project was initiated in August of 2005 by three 16-year-old friends, young computer programmers from Olesa de Montserrat (Barcelona). It started with a simple idea that occurred to them when they saw the emergence of various services of this kind such as Flickr for posting photos or for storing links. The first idea they had was to create an operating system, which they offered for free so that anyone could install it and use it in their servers and intranets with Windows. In March of 2006, they opened the site that offers a free online service based on their original software, adapting it so that it could be used as an online service from a free access website. Using the software as an online virtual desktop, this service is especially noted for its tight security feature, which has earned it an average growth of 400 users a day.

According to one of the company’s founders, Pau Garcia-Milà, in the beginning they received no help at all and had to overcome many difficulties. Their hope and enthusiasm, together with the quality of their project, led to their current success. IBM closed an agreement with them to include the eyeOs virtual desktop “as the Cloud Computing solution for critical environments of large companies and governments”.

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