Mr. Antoni Bruel

General Coordinator of Cruz Roja

Antoni Bruel i Carreras was born in Barcelona on 27 August 1959. His first contact with the Spanish Red Cross was in 1974, as a volunteer for the Red Cross Youth. Since June 1994 he has been the organisation’s general coordinator. 

His work with the Spanish Red Cross began in the Barcelona branch, where he held various positions over the years on both a regional and provincial level: deputy director of Red Cross Youth (1982-1986), director of Red Cross Youth (1986-1987), deputy director of the Social Welfare Area (1987-1990) and director of the Human Resources Area (1990-1994).

Currently, as general coordinator of the Spanish Red Cross he is responsible for coordinating the following departments: Social Intervention, Volunteering and Local Development, Training, Environment, Health and Emergency Aid, Red Cross Youth, the Coordination Centre, the Centre for Studies on International Humanitarian Rights and International Cooperation.

Since 1994 he has attended meetings of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement as a member of the Spanish Delegation. He has been an expert member of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation’s International Cooperation Council, a member of the Forum for the Social Integration of Immigrants and chairman of the HIV/AIDS and Development Platform, among others.

As general coordinator of the Spanish Red Cross, he gives talks at seminars, congresses, and conferences on issues related to humanitarian aid, international development and cooperation, social inclusion, etc. He is the author of various books, the latest of which has just been published under the title Hacer, ¿qué hacer?: Reflexiones en torno al alcance de la acción de la Cruz Roja (What to do? Reflections on the Red Cross’s scope of action).


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