Mr. Sebastián Mora

Sebastián Mora Rosado graduated in Philosophy and has a master’s in Executive Management of Non-Profit Institutions. He currently teaches at the Comillas Pontifical University.

He has been general secretary of Caritas Spain and a member of the Executive Committee ofCaritas Internationalisin Rome. He has worked, researched, published and taught in the area of social and health intervention, particularly among people suffering severe social exclusion (drug addicts, immigrants and the homeless). He has been executive director of the Promotion of Social Studies and Applied Sociology Foundation (FOESSA) and managed the foundation’s 7th report on social exclusion and development in Spain. In addition, he has driven research into the intergenerational transmission of poverty in Spain. He managed the journal Documentación Socialand has sat on various care ethics committees.

He is a member of the Advisory Council of the Comillas Pontifical University’s Chair on Refugees and he collaborates with the Martín Patino Chair for a Culture of Encounter.


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