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Learn to use social networks to help you find work.

Trainer and director of Sartia, Álex López, will be taking part in the annual ‘Talent rescuers’ conference on 29 June, delivering the workshop ‘The search for candidates has changed’.


Are the photographs you post on your social networks a good letter of introduction if you’re looking for work? It is estimated that 70% of those responsible for recruitment check candidates’ social profiles, which means it is increasingly important to have a good professional brand to make yourself stand out in selection processes. Trainer and director of Sartia, Álex López, is convinced that “The search for candidates has changed”. This expert in social networks will be taking part in the annual ‘Talent rescuers’ conference, delivering a workshop that will help young people to prepare for ‘social recruiting’. Behind this neologism there is an important truth: more and more companies are using social networks to advertise their job offers and, at the same time, to capture talent.

During the workshop, López will set various exercises for those attending in order to help them discover their professional brand. “The aim of this training course is to improve the participants’ professional brand and help them increase their visibility in selection processes”. Moreover, López also hopes that young people “will discover things about the companies they want to work for that they never even imagined”.

This workshop is particularly aimed at young people who are currently seeking employment. For two hours, López will help them use social networks as allies when searching for the job they really want. This is the third year that this expert in the world 2.0 is participating in this conference. “I am delighted to be able to help young people at such an important time in their lives”, said López, who has been working in the social networks sector since 2008. Furthermore, he is the creator and content manager of two LinkedIn communities: Retail Meeting Point, which brings together more than 15,000 professionals from the retail sector, and Pay and Benefits, with more than 17,000 human resources professionals. He also created the first two editions of the online congress for the retail sector and is the author of the first book on social selling in Spanish, Cliente digital, vendedor digital.

In addition to Álex López’s workshop, the ‘Talent rescuers’ conference is offering young people another three workshops that will be held simultaneously: ‘Play with the future NOW’, delivered by Accenture and which introduces participants to the digital world; ‘Discover your potential with the Insights Discovery method’, provided by Enagás and which helps young people to develop skills to search for work effectively; and ‘Communication and influence’, delivered by Lidl and which demonstrates the potential of communication as a key vehicle for selling ideas and increasing the level of leadership.

When signing up for the conference, young people will be able to choose which workshop they want to take part in depending on their own preferences.

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