FPdGi Awards

Francisco Belil encourages young people to build their own story

Almost 400 young people take part in the ‘Talent rescuers’ meeting


After the Princess of Girona Foundation Awards were presented yesterday at the Espai Mas Marroch – El Celler de Can Roca’s events centre, today the ‘Talent rescuers’ meeting is being held at Hotel Camiral in Caldes de Malavella.

The meeting kicked off with a speech by the president of the FPdGi, Francisco Belil, in which he encouraged young people to “raise their voices”. “Did you know that one of the Princess of Girona Foundation’s goals is to increase young people’s social presence: we want to reverse the paradox that, often, those who have hardly anything useful to contribute wield great importance and influence, in contrast to the invisibility of those who really have the capacity to change the world”, Belil reflected.

Furthermore, the president of the FPdGi analysed how “the market changes very quickly and often education cannot evolve at the same speed” and he supports “reducing the imbalance between the labour market and our schools and universities”. “We have to promote a closer relationship and joint work between these two worlds which have often been too distant. This is, precisely, what the ‘Talent rescuers’ programme seeks to do”, he indicated.

He also thanked the nearly 400 young people who filled the auditorium for attending this event. “Just by being here, you are being called to contribute to the transformation of Spanish and European society” assured Belil, before encouraging them to “make a difference and build a better society and a better country”.

Talent rescuers’ is an FPdGi programme aimed at young people aged between twenty and thirty who have completed either university studies or higher vocational training and who are keen to work in the field they have prepared for. This initiative has been made possible thanks to the commitment of the large companies that form part of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees and it allows young people to improve their employability using different tools such as mentoring, online training, development centres and a job vacancy board.

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