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Héctor Colunga Cabaleiro, Princess of Girona Foundation Social Award 2015

The winner was chosen for his continuous, coherent and committed entrepreneurial work


Héctor Colunga Cabaleiro has been named as the winner of the FPdGi Social Award 2015. The jury, which announced its decision this afternoon in Girona, highlighted the continuous, coherent and committed work of this young social entrepreneur and promoter of projects that contribute towards creating social capital and renewing forms of participation, providing proximity, transparency and citizen involvement. With a special commitment to the town of Sant Boi de Llobregat and the city of Gijón, Héctor Colunga has promoted social projects with a focus on solidarity and transformation.

In this sixth edition of the FPdGi Awards, the jury for the Social category was formed of Sebastián Mora Rosado, general secretary of Cáritas Spain; Conchi Gallego, director of entrepreneur selection at Ashoka; Anna Maria Geli, member of the FPdGi’s Advisory Council; Maravillas Rojas, former general secretary of Employment; and Rafael Ruiz de Gauna, director of Institutional Relations, Training and Consultancy at the Pere Tarrés Foundation. The members of the jury wanted to stress the excellent quality of all the candidates that were nominated and the importance of young people’s personal and social commitment for creating a better and fairer society.

The FPdGi Awards recognise the innovative and exemplary work of young people aged between 16 and 35 years, and that of an organisation working for young people. The Social category rewards young people who have used their personal leadership skills and commitment to foster the integration of marginalised people and groups or those at risk of exclusion, with new visions and through social entities or businesses.

The open call for nominations for this edition of the Awards received a total of 167 entries, of which 22 were for the Social category. With a prize of €10,000 and a reproduction of a sculpture by the artist Juan Muñoz, the awards will be presented during the IMPULSA Forum 2015, in an event being held on 25 June which will be presided over by Their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain.

Earlier this week, the Foundation announced the winner of the FPdGi Organisation Award 2015, which went to Fundación Secretariado Gitano. In an event held on Tuesday at the offices of Valnalón (FPdGi Award 2014), located in the town of Langreo in Asturias, the jury for the Organisation category highlighted Fundación Secretariado Gitano’s work towards ensuring social inclusion and equal opportunities for the Roma community, through programmes and services that contribute to achieving the full citizenship of young Roma people through integration into the labour market.

In addition, on 17 March the Princess of Girona Foundation announced the winner of the 2015FPdGi Award in the Arts and Literature category in Barcelona. This year the award went to architect Olga Felip Ordis, who was recognised for her demonstrated ability to combine the creation of new forms with respect for the environment, and her sober, elegant, warm and bright designs.

The calendar of jury meetings and winner announcements for the remaining categories includes Scientific Research (9 April, in Madrid) and Business (20 April, in Girona).

Héctor Colunga Cabaleiro, FPdGi Social Award 2015

Born in Gijón in 1981, Héctor has always been linked to community initiatives in the neighbourhood where he lives, promoting all kinds of social projects with a focus on solidarity and transformation. For five years he led the youth and social promotion area of the Marianao Foundation in Sant Boi de Llobregat, during which time he promoted some emblematic projects that have won the organisation several awards, such as the alternative youth leisure programme “Project VPK” and the “ESFERA, Young social entrepreneurship promoter” project, in which more than sixty young people are currently participating by promoting actions to improve their surroundings.

His professional and personal experience took on a new dimension especially from 2010, when he assumed leadership of the organisation Mar de Niebla in Gijón, where he is running a global community project to fight against inequality and poverty. In just under three years, this initiative has become a reference project in the La Calzada neighbourhood of the city of Gijón, assisting more than 1000 people per year.

Princess of Girona Foundation Awards 2015

The Princess of Girona Foundation awards these prizes every year with the aim of recognising the innovative and exemplary work of young people aged between 16 and 35 years, and that of an organisation working for young people. The goal is to promote and foster initiative and effort in the areas of scientific research, artistic creativity, solidarity and the development of talent in entrepreneurial and innovative young people.

The Princess of Girona Foundation Awards comprise four individual prizes and one for organisations. In addition to the Social category, there are also:

  • The FPdGi Arts and Literature Award, which recognises the efforts of talented young people creating promising work in any discipline of the arts and literature and which serves as an inspiration to other young people.
  • The FPdGi Organisation Award, which recognises the outstanding work of entrepreneurial institutions that work for young people, fostering entrepreneurial spirit, employment and employability, education and academic success, vocation and talent.
  • The FPdGi Scientific Research Award, which recognises the work of young scientists, including those working in human and social sciences, with projects or experiences that show strong potential for future development.

The FPdGi Business Award, which recognises young people with entrepreneurial initiative who have led or promoted original and viable business projects that stand out for their positive impact on society.

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