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FPdGi Awards

“It is vital to train emotional intelligence”

Eva Ortega, talent acquisition and employer branding manager for Lidl, will be delivering the workshop ‘Communication and influence’ during the 2018 FPdGi Awards.


On 29 June, the 2018 FPdGi Awards will be holding a conference dedicated to ‘Talent rescuers’, the Foundation’s programme to promote young people’s employability. One of the activities planned during this event is the workshop ‘Communication and influence’, which will be delivered by talent acquisition and employer branding manager for Lidl, Eva Ortega.

Ortega will demonstrate the potential of communication as a key vehicle for selling ideas and increasing the level of leadership. During the workshop, this talent acquisition manager for Lidl will explain the different communication and influencing styles that currently exist, highlighting one very important aspect: “It is necessary to understand that the person we are talking to may have a different thought structure to our own and also that when we adapt to this, our communication can be more successful and achieve common goals”, stressed the speaker.

Through explanations and interaction with the attendees, Ortega will demonstrate how fostering interpersonal skills is “a key competence for professional success”. The attendees can apply this knowledge to both their personal and their professional lives, “because it is vital to train our emotional intelligence in order for our professional success to flow smoothly”.

Ortega is talent acquisition and employer branding manager for Lidl, one of the companies participating in ‘Talent rescuers’. “Lidl is delighted to be actively involved in the FPdGi Awards, because they are an excellent initiative that recognise the professionals of the future and encourage a commitment to youth employability”.

The workshop ‘Communication and influence’ will be held at the same time as three other workshops: ‘Play with the future NOW’, ‘Discover your potential with the Insights Discovery method’ and ‘The search for candidates has changed. Are you prepared for social recruiting?’. When signing up for the conference, attendees were able to choose from among the four workshops depending on their preferences. In parallel, at the same time, the mentors will take part in a programme entitled ‘Emotional intelligence in mentoring’, delivered by the director of Escuela de Mentoring, María Luisa de Miguel.

Talent rescuers’ is an FPdGi programme aimed at young people aged between twenty and thirty who have completed either university studies or vocational training and who are keen to work in the field they have prepared for. This initiative has been made possible thanks to the commitment of the large companies that form part of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees and it allows young people to improve their employability using different tools such as mentoring, online training, development centres and a job vacancy board.

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