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  • The FPdGi draws 700 teachers from all over Spain to its annual education conference

The FPdGi draws 700 teachers from all over Spain to its annual education conference

This year the event was held in Fuengirola, in recognition of Andalucía Primary School, winner of the 2018 Entrepreneurial School Award. Guy Claxton, Rolf Tarrach, Karima Grant, David Cuartielles and Luz Rello (2016 FPdGi Social Award) are just some of the experts who took part in this meeting to discuss innovative education, technology and educational entrepreneurship


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The Princess of Girona Foundation (FPdGi) has held its 5th ‘How to teach entrepreneurial talent’ conference with the aim of showcasing global trends in educational innovation and entrepreneurship. This year, this annual event focusing on innovative and entrepreneurial education was held at the La Paz Auditorium in Fuengirola (Malaga), the home town of Andalucía Primary School, winner of the FPdGi’s 2018 Entrepreneurial School Award. Plenary sessions, round tables, teaching experiences and networking formed the basis of an intensive day that drew more than 700 registered teachers from all over the countryand which was also attended by some of the leading experts in this field.

How can we generate a stronger connection with students to awaken their passion for learning? What are the challenges of ed-tech and how can we tackle them? How can we teach people to think and to thirst for reliable knowledge and accurate data? Professor from the University of Winchester and cognitive scientist Guy Claxton opened the conference. His talk focused on a new educational method he has developed using science which has helped students learn to learn in a flexible process totally free from preconceived ideas.

Another of the keynote speakers was theoretical physicist and president of the European University Association (EUA) Rolf Tarrach, who talked about ‘Reliable knowledge versus that which is not. The joy of good knowledge’. Also participating in the discussions were Karima Grant —creator and director of the first organisation for children and teenagers in Senegal, ImagiNation Afrika—, who took part in a round table with researcher and cofounder of Arduino, David Cuartielles, and linguist, doctor of computational science and winner of the 2016 FPdGi Social Award, Luz Rello.

Discovery Meetings and teaching experiences
The conference also included ‘learning among equals’ and networking sessions in which those attending had the opportunity to learn about interesting and unique educational projects carried out by the teachers who have attended some of the training sessions organised by the FPdGi through its ‘Educating entrepreneurial talent’ programme.


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