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Technology innovator Guillermo Martínez, 2020 FPdGi Social Award

This young social entrepreneur, who designs and sends 3D-printed prostheses to economically disadvantaged people all over the world through his Ayúdame3D project, was chosen for ‘his inspiring work to make revolutionary 3D printing technology accessible to vulnerable people’.


Guillermo Martínez has won the 2020 Princess of Girona Foundation Social Award. The winner’s name was announced today at an event presided over by Her Majesty the Queen of Spain, before an audience of more than 500 people at the Ágora Centre in A Coruña. This young entrepreneur from Madrid designs and sends Trésdesis 3D-printed prosthetic hands and arms to underprivileged people all over the world, through his Ayúdame3D project. 

A jury of experts, who met earlier today at the Ágora Centre, highlighted his inspiring work to improve the lives of vulnerable people by “giving them access to revolutionary 3D printing technology and providing them with opportunities that have been unavailable to them until now”.

The jury was chaired by José Moncada, founder of Bolsa Social, and also composed of Antoni Bruel, general coordinator of the Spanish Red CrossConsuelo Crespo, former president of UNICEF Spain (by telephone); Maravillas Rojo, president of Abacus; Mercedes Valcárcel, CEO of the Generation Spain Foundation; Miriam Reyessocial entrepreneur, founder of Aprendices Visuales and 2017 FPdGi Social Award winner, who acted as secretary to the jury; Roser Batlle, educationalistand social entrepreneur; and Sebastián Mora, professor at the Comillas Pontifical University.

In a telephone message relayed during the event, after the winner announcement was made, Guillermo Martínez thanked the Foundation, saying: “I am delighted to have received this award in recognition of the effort, dedication and passion that I have put into something that I truly love: trying to help people by using new technologies, specifically 3D printing”. Martínez is currently in Kenya developing technology classrooms where he can share his knowledge and where local people can design their own 3D prostheses.

Also participating in this event, organised by the FPdGi in collaboration with A Coruña City Council and the Government of Galicia, were serial entrepreneur Xavier Verdaguer, journalist and humourist Juan Carlos Ortega, and FPdGi Award winners from previous years, who appeared on stage during the winner announcement ceremony and Foundation presentation to members of Galicia’s civil and social society.


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