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'Companies and Knowledge', a new AED symposium with Tribuna Girona

The Prince of Girona Foundation participated in the event, held on November 24, 2011 at the Girona Auditorium.


The Spanish Managers' Association (AED), together with Tribuna Girona, has held a symposium under the theme of "New Pillars of Growth", which has sought to create a space for everyone who wishes to take part in the future of the country's economy and companies, contributing ideas and solutions for a new growth model that will provide benefits to all the agents involved.

The opening conference was given by the PGiF trustee and President of Abertis, Mr. Salvador Alemany, who affirmed that it was necessary to "rebegin" and not to merely "endure" in order to deal with the future of companies.

The symposium also featured the participation of Mr. Pere Padrosa, a PGiF trustee and President of the International Road Haulage Association (ASTIC).

The Prince of Girona Foundation took part in the symposium through the intervention of Professor Israel Ruiz, Vice-President for Finance of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and member of the IMPULSA Forum's Organizing Committee, who was interviewed by PGiF's General Manager, Ms. Mònica Margarit. In the interview, Israel Ruiz expressed his opinion on the role of the university in the area in which it is set, the importance of creating centers of excellence, and the differences between the entrepreneurship culture in the United States and Europe.

More information on the symposium may be found at www.empresaiconeixement.com.

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