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End-of-course festival held for the educational activities under the “Building Bridges” community plan

A hundred pupils took part this school year in educational support activities, among them the FpdGi’s Pygmalion Project


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For the last two years, the Pont Major neighbourhood of Girona has been the beneficiary of the “Building Bridges” community plan, which seeks to integrate the various actions being carried out in the area and to generate activities that foster social cohesion and good neighbourly relations. During this school year a hundred pupils from the neighbourhood took part in socioeducational activities carried out jointly by the Prince of Girona Foundation (FPdGi) and Girona City Council, with the collaboration of the NGO Càritas Diocesana of Girona and the SER.Gi Foundation. More specifically, the socioeducational activities carried out were the Success Workshop and Open Centre projects of Girona City Council, the Pygmalion Project of the Prince of Girona Foundation and the Educational Support Service (SIE) of Càritas, with the involvement of schools in the neighbourhood.

On Saturday 8 June the Narcís Xifra Secondary School held its end-of-course festival, which stressed the importance of education, sport and healthy habits. The activities were included in the “Building Bridges”community plan. The inauguration was conducted by the Territorial Services Director of the Government of Catalonia’s Education Department, Albert Bayot.

The festival revolved around sports activities, and it included a sports fair in which the neighbourhood’s children were able to play sports such as football, basketball and judo. After the fair, the activities continued with a talk under the title “How to get to the peak?”, in which Girona sports personalities conveyed to the children and young people the importance of hard work and perserverance in studies, sport and all spheres of their lives. The speakers included the judoka and runner-up Spanish under-21 champion, Sergi Salas; the Girona FC player Miquel Ángel González “Migue”, and the UNI Girona players Anna Carbó and Eva Bou. The talk was moderated by the Territorial Sport representative for Girona of the Government of Catalonia, Josep Pujols.

Later on, the sports personalities themselves gave the pupils who had taken part in the educational activities their end-of-course diplomas in recognition of their dedication and commitment. The event was also attended by the General Manager of the Prince of Girona Foundation, Mònica Margarit, and the Head of the Social Action Department of Càritas Diocesana of Girona, Raquel Carrión. The Deputy Mayor and Counsellor for Education and Sports in the City Council, Isabel Muradàs, was in charge of bringing the day to a close.

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