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Educating entrepreneurial talent

This programme aims to raise awareness, promote and guide entrepreneurial education as a key aspect for young people’s future

The FPdGi’s Educating Entrepreneurial Talent programme seeks to introduce the ‘Learn to be an Entrepreneur’ competence into teachers’ day-to-day practice in order to create genuine Entrepreneurial Schools in which entrepreneurship forms the fifth pillar of education, together with the existing competences of Learn to Know, Learn to Do, Learn to Be and Learn to Live Together.

Competence-based teaching is the ideal instrument for systematically training and developing all these skills in students, and when applied to the competence of Learning to Learn, this form of teaching develops students’ capacity for critical, creative and rigorous thought.

The programme has adopted what are known as Active Methodologies, which place the responsibility for learning on the student, and in which the role of the teacher changes substantially. The teacher’s work is applied less during the session and instead focuses more on planning and prior reflection so that the students can build their own learning more autonomously. The process involves three active methodologies: cooperative learning, service learning and creating ethical entrepreneurial projects, chosen for their potential in the classroom for providing knowledge linked to entrepreneurial talent.

The other main pillar of the programme concerns defining different evaluation systems, in which teachers adopt the role of learning process coaches for their students. The systematic application of tools produces clear results in improving students’ learning.

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