Soleá Morente Carbonell, 2018 FPdGi Arts and Literature Award ex aequo

The winners was chosen for knowing how to combine her exceptional talent, her extraordinary capacity to move audiences and her entrepreneurship in leading musical projects.

Soleá Morente Carbonell (Madrid, 1985) - Flamenco and pop-rock singer Soleá Morente, daughter and sister of celebrated artists, studied Hispanic philology at the University of Granada. After finishing her degree, she launched her artistic career collaborating with her father, the renowned flamenco singer Enrique Morente, and her sister, singer Estrella Morente. In addition to working with different artists such as Jota, Antonio Arias, Florent Muñoz and Eric Jiménez, Soleá has released two albums under her own name: Encuentro (El Volcán/SONY), with Los Planetas, and Tendrá que haber un camino. As an actor she has appeared in plays such as Yerma, directed by Miguel Narros, Lisístrata with José Carlos Plaza and Clara Bow with Secun de la Rosa. In January 2018 she launched her latest album Ya no solo te veo a ti (El Volcán/SONY).



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