Maria Jammal, Princess of Girona Foundation International Award 2019

Jammal was chosen for her excellent work at the helm of an organisation that both highlights and creates solutions for the mental health problems suffered by refugees.

The young Arab-Israeli Maria Jammal (1987) is the cofounder and CEO of Humanity Crew, an international humanitarian aid organisation that provides mental health services and psychological support to refugees in times of crisis. Maria decided to create Humanity Crew after volunteering on the coasts of the Greek islands in 2015. She holds a degree in Law and Psychology from the University of Haifa (Israel) and a post-graduate degree in Intellectual Property Law from George Washington University in the United States, which she obtained through a Fulbright scholarship. Among other actions and services, Humanity Crew has a network of mental health professionals who provide online support to displaced populations around the world.

Maria is also a board member of the Mossawa Center, based in the city of Haifa, which was created in 1997 as a civil society organisation to promote equality for Arab citizens in Israel. 



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