Fundación Balia, 2011 FPdGi Organisation Award

FPdGi Award to an organisation, for its commitment to the social inclusion of children and youth at risk of social exclusion

The Balia Foundation is a non-profit and politically and religiously unaffiliated organisation that has been devoted to the integral development of children and youth at risk since the time of its creation in 2001. Its mission is to favor the social inclusion of disadvantaged minors and it establishes itself in underprivileged communities in Spain that are marked by a high immigration rate. It also carries out activities in depressed communities in other countries through cooperation with local organisations.

The Balia Foundation promotes and implements carefully planned and executed educational projects aimed to prevent dropping out and isolation, to fight school failure and to strengthen education in values, proposing standards of conduct that allow minors to develop into integrated adults. Likewise, the Balia Foundation raises awareness on the social reality of disadvantaged groups and promotes the awareness and involvement of society to improve this reality. Balia has been devoting itself for 10 years to the non-formal education of groups at risk, focusing on children and youth as its primary concern. During this time it has become familiar with the deficiencies of an academic, economic and social nature with which these children and youth confront their everyday lives and the numerous factors drawing them steadily away from their chances of success in the future.

Balia considers that education promotes peace and stability and generates economic development. Indeed, education speeds up our development and it is of key importance in transforming the lives and minds of children, youth and the community at large. Investing in education means investing in human potential.

In the year 2010, a total of 2,766 people benefited from the activities of the Balia Foundation. It received the Childhood Prize of the Region of Madrid in the year 2007 as a social organization that promotes the rights of children and youth. In 2010 it was granted the EFQM seal of quality and it won the UNICEF Spain prize for its volunteer network. The Balia Foundation currently has a team of 63 professionals, an advisory council with 26 members, and 245 volunteers.

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