School of the Year Award

The award recognises schools that are committed to developing talent and to educational innovation that fosters a fairer society and a better world.

The Princess of Girona Foundation has opened the application period for a new edition of its School of the Year Award, aimed at schools in Spain that are committed to developing talent and to educational innovation that fosters a fairer society and a better world. The deadline for submitting entries is closed. With this award, the FPdGi seeks to reward the efforts of teachers who are dedicated to applying educational innovation in their schools.

To be considered for this award, nominated public or private educational institutions must have been operating for at least five years and cover one or various educational stages (infant, primary, secondary, sixth-form and/or vocational training). The jury, formed of members of the Foundation’s Advisory Council and external experts in education, will take several criteria into account when choosing the winning school:

  1. The jury will consider whether the school has the ability to mobilise other educational institutions and can demonstrate the durability of its projects and their future viability. It will also take the school’s values and ethical behaviour into account.
  2. The winning school should focus its educational mission clearly and firmly on developing unique, replicable and sustainable projects that boost its students’ talent by fostering self-sufficiency, cooperation and teamwork, creativity and innovation and transformative leadership.
  3. The jury will assess whether the school has created sustainable and transformative methodologies that respond to its students’ challenges and whether it works alongside other schools and organisations.
  4. EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE. The chosen school should demonstrate continuous improvement and transparency.
  5. EDUCATIONAL INNOVATION. The jury will consider whether the school contributes towards the effective implementation and running of innovative projects that support student learning and teachers’ professional development.

With this award, the Princess of Girona Foundation will help publicise the work being carried out by the wining school in order to raise awareness of its project throughout Spain. The award is also accompanied by a plan for training and experiences in educational innovation developed by the Foundation. Representatives from the FPdGi will make an official visit to the winning school to present a sculpture by the artist Juan Zamora (2017 FPdGi Arts and Literature Award).

Winning schools
This will be the third edition of the School of the Year Award, which in 2018 went to Andalucía Primary School for its commitment to teaching innovation and collaborative and cooperative learning, and last year the winner was Escuelas Profesionales Sagrada Familia of Écija – Peñaflor Foundation for “adopting and practising, at all educational stages, an entrepreneurial culture in its social, business, cultural and educational dimensions, with specific methodologies and projects that apply innovation tailored to its students specific needs”.



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