Award winners and schools

The Princess of Girona Foundation is launching ‘Award winners and schools’, a pilot project in which FPdGi Award winners will visit students at the educational centres that subscribe to the programme to offer a series of meetings and talks.  

The FPdGi’s award winners represent a new generation of restless young entrepreneurs and innovators who are seeking to build a more just world in a globalised environment and who are willing to take risks and have the necessary motivation to bring about changes in society. These outstanding young people are an inspiration to others and are role models for other young people thanks to their values and ethical behaviour. They are extremely valuable modern examples for young people to follow. 

The recipients

Our focus is on educational centres in the Girona Counties. Those centres interested in participating in the project can register here, indicating the talk and time slot they would like to attend as well as the number of students that will be taking part. 

 Planned actions 

Programme of talks and meetings for secondary schools, vocational training and sixth-form colleges, with the participation of our award winners as speakers. Preferably, these should be conducted in the context of vocational and professional guidance activities for 4th-year secondary school pupils, 1st year sixth-form students and those taking higher-level training courses organised by the same centres. In the case of sixth-form students, the sessions may also be useful to provide guidance for carrying out their research assignment. The talks will be held at the FPdGi Space (Carrer Juli Garreta, 1, 1r E, Girona).

 Additionally, and depending on the award winner’s availability, educational centres may request that the award winner visit them to carry out the activity or participate in one of its extraordinary activities. 


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