Teaching Expeditions

Since the 2017-2018 academic year, the Princess of Girona Foundation has been organising Teaching Expeditions for teachers from all over Spain with the dual aim of sharing current best practices in educational entrepreneurship as a source of inspiration for other schools and helping to consolidate a Spanish network of leaders in educational innovation who are committed to transforming the system.

These teaching expeditions bring together a maximum of thirty teachers from Spain’s different regions, not including those based in the same region. So far, four teaching expeditions have been organised: the first to Andalusia, the second to the Basque Country, the third to Galicia and the fourth was held in the Valencian Community (February 2020). During this last experience the groups visited some of the most interesting models and learnt about the transformations experienced in schools catering to different educational levels (infant, primary and secondary).

The programme is an invitation to enjoy first-hand experiences, discover new methods and talk with teachers and pupils in order to compile the most interesting ideas and study their applicability. Participants are also offered workshops and opportunities for discussion and reflection with changemakers from outside the educational context. These trips are, without doubt, truly immersive experiences of working with entrepreneurial talent in the classroom.



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