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The Prince of Girona Foundation is born

The Girona Chamber of Commerce, Caixa Girona, the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation and La Caixa are promoting the Foundation, with Felipe de Borbón as its President and José Montilla as its Vice-President


The Girona Chamber of Commerce, Caixa Girona, the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation and la Caixa have agreed to create the Prince of Girona Foundation, with the Prince of Asturias and of Girona, Felipe de Borbón, as its Honorary President. The title of Honorary Vice-President is held by the President of the Generalitat of Catalonia, José Montilla.

The Foundation has been created with the mission of fostering the "projection of social activities in the broadest sense, the promotion of education and the training of youth, both in Catalonia and in Spain at large".

The four founding entities spoke of their "deep roots in Girona" and the fact that they "work with a firm calling to serve this area's general interests, and with a commitment to its welfare and future". Likewise, they emphasized that this is why they consider it appropriate "to stimulate and promote all the initiatives which, together with the activities proper to our organisations, may contribute to Girona's economic, social and cultural development and serve as an acknowledgement of the values that are rooted in our land".

According to the spokesman of the Royal Household, the Foundation will be financed exclusively with private funds, even though public institutions may participate in specific programmes which it organises. The Foundation, which will have a State-wide scope of action, seeks to become a "reference" in the education and training of young people through the award of grants and other measures.

For the Foundation's promoters, the institution of the Principality of Girona, with its long history and tradition, is "one of our most treasured symbols". "His Royal Highness, who holds this title and who honours us by using it, has always shown his commitment to Girona, providing support for initiatives which have arisen from society itself and which pursue the general interest of the citizens and particularly of the youngest ones and those who require a greater protection", the promoting entities stated.

Accordingly, the four founding entities addressed the Royal Household and the Prince of Asturias and of Girona for the purpose of presenting the project and requesting the Prince to become the new foundation's Honorary President. A lunch between the Prince and the directors of the promoter organisations sealed the agreement.

The promoting entities expressed their thanks for the "very special attention and positive response to our petition" and stated that "we are deeply honoured that the Prince of Girona Foundation has the Heir to the Crown as its Honorary President". The constitutive process of the Prince of Girona Foundation is now to be launched, beginning with the drafting of its statutes and the formation of its governing bodies.

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