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«At Accenture we will provide the keys to helping young people position themselves advantageously in the job market»

The coordinator of the relationship between Accenture and the FPdGi, Juana Gálvez, together with a group of professionals from Accenture, will be delivering the workshop ‘Play with the future NOW’ as part of the annual ‘Talent rescuers’ meeting.


Under the title ‘Play with the future NOW’, professionals from the consultancy company will be delivering a workshop focused on the very latest digital content and future technological trends based on the Accenture study ‘Technology Vision 2018: Unleash the intelligent enterprise’. The session forms part of the annual ‘Talent rescuers’ meeting, which will be held on 29 June.

The group from Accenture will explain the main difficulties in supply chain management and will explore “the latest technologies on the market, experimenting with them through gamification in order to understand how they can help to improve logistics management”. In addition, the trainers will demonstrate how to carry out a data analysis and detail how immersive technologies —virtual, augmented and mixed reality— can be incorporated into the most diverse business areas.

This knowledge will be shared in a practical manner: “We will work on the content using games that simulate processes —such as the supply chain scenario— or through the latest demos, which provide an overview of the practical application of the technologies being studied”. All the participants will have access to a computer in order to connect and work and, using simulations, they will take logistical decisions on a functional and operational level.

The workshop, aimed especially at young people with scientific and/or technological degrees, will provide the participants with “the knowledge and tools necessary to unite technique and practice, allowing them to position themselves advantageously in the job market”. The attendees will learn to take decisions and maximise the benefits of supply chain management, they will find answers to a wide range of real problems —using analytics and machine learning techniques— and they will learn about how emerging technologies such as virtual and augmented reality actually work.

Juana Gálvez is a senior manager at Accenture, a company with over 11,000 professionals working in Spain, made up of four generations holding over 150 different qualifications and 60 nationalities, and which hires more than 2,000 people per year. “It is an honour to take part in this programme, which demonstrates a commitment to and recognition of all young entrepreneurs in our country as well as those who are just starting their first job”, affirms Gálvez, who also highlights the fact that its model of responsible consultancy “includes a clear commitment to employment, training, diversity and equal opportunities”.

The workshop ‘Play with the future NOW’ takes place on 29 June at the same time as three other workshops: ‘Communication and influence’, ‘Discover your potential with the Insights Discovery method’ and ‘The search for candidates has changed. Are you ready for social recruiting?’ When signing up for the meeting, attendees chose between the four options according to their preferences. In parallel, at the same time, mentors will take part in a programme entitled ‘Emotional intelligence in mentoring’, delivered by María Luisa de Miguel, director of Escuela de Mentoría.

Talent rescuers’ is an FPdGi programme aimed at young people aged between twenty and thirty who have completed either university studies or vocational training and who are keen to work in the field they have prepared for. This initiative has been made possible thanks to the commitment of the large companies that form part of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees and it allows young people to improve their employability using different tools such as mentoring, online training, development centres and a job vacancy board.

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