FPdGi Awards

TM the King and Queen meet with FPdGI award winners


As is customary, TM the King and Queen met with Princess of Girona Foundation award winners from previous years, at the PGA Catalunya Resort's Hotel Camiral, in Caldes de Malavella. After talking with the winners, TM the King and Queen attended the meeting of the FPdGI's Board of Trustees and Advisory Council, with the presence of the Foundation's president, Francisco Belil, and general manager, Mònica Margarit.


The following award winners were at the encounter:


Borja Ibáñez - 2010 FPdGI Scientific Research Award

Pau Garcia-Milà - 2010 FPdGI Business Award

Pere Barri - 2011 FPdGI Social Award

Guadalupe Sabio - 2012 FPdGI Scientific Research Award

Felipe Campos - 2013 FPdGI Social Award

Auxiliadora Toledano - 2013 FPdGI Arts and Literature Award

Mohamed El Amrani - 2014 FPdGI Social Award

Alberto Enciso - 2014 FPdGI Scientific Research Award

Hugo Fontela - 2014 FPdGI Arts and Literature Award

Ignasi Belda - 2014 FPdGI Business Award

Héctor Colunga - 2015 FPdGI Social Award

Samuel Sánchez - 2015 FPdGI Scientific Research Award

Luz Rello - 2016 FPdGI Social Award

Andrés Salado - 2016 FPdGI Arts and Literature Award

Elena Medel Navarro - 2016 FPdGI Arts and Literature Award

Damià Tormo - 2017 FPdGI Business Award

Miriam Reyes - 2017 FPdGI Social Award

Héctor Gómez - 2017 FPdGI Scientific Research Award

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