Guadalupe Sabio, 2012 FPdGi Scientific Research Award

Born in Badajoz in 1977, she is a medical researcher. The jury awarded her scientific excellence and international leadership, as well as the social interest in her line of research and the interdisciplinary nature of her work.

A veterinary graduate from the University of Extremadura and PhD (extraordinary award) from the University of Dundee (United Kingdom) and the University of Extremadura, Guadalupe Sabio (1977, Badajoz) has been a researcher at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute of the University of Massachusetts (United States) and Ramón y Cajal researcher at the National Biotechnology Centre of CSIC. She is currently a professor at the National Centre for Cardiovascular Research at the Carlos III Institute in Madrid. Her principal line of research focuses on the mechanisms that lead obesity to cause concomitant illnesses (diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer). Her study centres on molecular mechanisms that determine the appearance of these pathologies and, from a translational perspective, carries out her studies and research in both animals and humans with obesity.

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