María Escudero Escribano, 2018 Princess of Girona Foundation Scientific Research Award ex aequo

Recognised for her work developing electrochemical catalysts based on metal nanoparticles that could replace noble metals to reduce costs and increase efficiency in processes for obtaining clean energy. The jury highlighted the scientific, technological, energy-generation and social impact of her work, which will contribute towards slowing climate change

María Escudero Escribano (Cáceres, 1983) graduated as a chemical engineer from the University of Extremadura and holds a PhD in Chemistry from the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAB). During her doctorate, she was an intern at the Residencia de Estudiantes and spent time as a visiting researcher at Argonne National Laboratory (United States) and the University of Ulm (Germany). In 2012, she continued her training at the Technical University of Denmark and, in 2014, she was awarded the Sapere Aude - Research Talent grant from the Danish Government, thanks to which she was able to spend two years at Stanford University (United States). Since March 2017, she has been a professor at the University of Copenhagen, where she leads the Nano-electrochemical group. She has published her work in journals such as Science, she holds three patents and has received numerous research awards, including the 2016 European Young Chemist Award and the 2018 American Electrochemical Society’s Energy Technology Division Young Investigator Award.

Dr. Escudero Escribano is researching new materials which, through electrochemical reactions, allow us to obtain clean energy and produce sustainable chemical and combustible compounds. Her main aim is to design and optimise the active site of catalysts for specific reactions in energy conversion devices such as fuel cells and electrolysers.

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